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In light of this special occasion, the Celebration Team would like to illuminate our collaborative work uniting more cultures, connecting hearts, and opening minds for a brighter world. Every host family, student, volunteer, and staff member is an important part of the YFU story and The Anniversary celebration team would like to share these stories with the YFU community to inspire others to join us along with the global celebration to rebuild YFU stronger than it was before!

This year we encourage you to share your YFU stories on your social media using the Hashtags #YFU70 #YFU70Anniversary #ForABrighterWorld 

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May - September

In honour of our 70th anniversary, we are creating a Virtual Storybook with 70 stories. In this Storybook, we would like to share your stories and highlight the importance of the YFU experience in your life, community and society. We feel that it is especially important to remember how important love, tolerance, understanding, and acceptance of different cultures around the world is. Each of us carries a very unique, and at the same time, uniting YFU experience.

We would like to hear your story about lifelong friendships, romantic stories, and amusing, cultural misunderstandings, or warmhearted life moments that you have experienced as a result of your exchange experience. This can be as an exchange student, a host family/sibling, volunteer, etc. How was being an exchange student many years ago, how has volunteering or hosting impacted your life? Stories about how these experiences have changed your life or created your career path. 

Write your chapter in the Virtual Storybook

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May - August

While travelling is restricted, we would like to travel around the world with the lens of YFU people and visit our exchange students, host families, alumni, volunteers, and staff members. We would like to know more about you and have a sneak peek into your culture and your YFU experience. Share with the YFU family your story, your best memories and your YFU spirit.

Let us know if you would like to participate and share your story! 

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May - October

The 70th Anniversary Celebration Team is excited to create a Spotify playlist that will collect songs from your exchange year and take you on a walk down memory lane! Spotify playlists will be inspired by former exchange students' favourite songs from their exchange years. These will be done by contacting old students and asking them for their information (exchange year and country) and one song they remember from their year. These will then be compiled into playlists by the team members. The aim is to share a piece of our exchange years, and to see what music was popular, when and where!

Submit THE song from your exchange year here.  

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June - December

To celebrate our diversity, to allow each and every YFUer to feel part of something bigger, and to connect with like-minded people from around the world, we will be creating one encompassing group on LinkedIn. Please join our group called Youth For Understanding – YFU, and invite other YFUers to do the same. Our goal is to have 70.000 group members by the end of the year.

Join like-minded people in
the YFU LinkedIn group here. 

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August - October

The ACT historian team is working to gather information about the rich YFU history in different parts of the world and lead you through decades of how the YFU organisation has developed within the time. 

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August - November

Our YFU experiences are shaped by the relationships we have created along the journey. With anniversary activities and Thank you cards, we would like to create space and invite you to give appreciation to people, organisations who have impacted your life and have a special place in your heart, even you haven't spoken with each other for many years. With our Thank-you cards, we are looking forward to initiating more reconnection stories with your exchange peers, families and volunteers across the world.

Send Thank you card!

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We invite you to write a song that will unite all YFU organisations, no matter which country or language we speak! The song will embody our values and the true generosity of our YFU people, and it will open minds to different nations and cultures. The ACT team wishes to encourage the YFU musicians and creators to enhance understanding and unity through music and words.

Learn more how to participate here. 

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Dear volunteers, we want to see all your YFU t-shirts, and we know you have lots of them! In the next month, we will invite you to join a YFU fashion show on Social media. We are sure that some T-shirts carry the best memories from events, orientations, time at the airports, YES seminars, and free-time activities with exchange students, and we want to see who has the most t-shirts!

Join the campaign

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Food is a significant part of the culture and while you are abroad this is one of the most beautiful windows into your culture and home. During the summer, we would like to invite you to share your favourite recipe that you have learned from your host family or student.

Submit your recipe

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At the ceremony, we would like to take a look at our Anniversary year and the moments we have created along the way, as well as set a guiding direction for the next 70 years. The closing ceremony will be in November 2021. Depending on circumstances in the world, this may be virtual or could be initiated and organized in collaboration with YFU organisations on a national level, as well.

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We encourage you to use the Hashtags #YFU70 #YFU70Anniversary #ForABrighterWorld

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