YFU Anthem across the world

Calling on all musicians! YFU is looking for a new, global anthem – to inspire us for the next 70 years, no matter where we are in the world and no matter what language we speak. For this, we need your help!

We are asking all YFU musicians and music enthusiasts to help us create THE YFU Anthem. To make this happen we are today launching the YFU Anthem Competition, where we want YOUR submissions!

The YFU Anthem competition will be organized in two stages. First, we invite everyone to write a YFU Anthem and send us a recording. From all submitted entries, the Anniversary Celebration Team jury will select a group of finalists. In the second stage, the final winner will then be decided by all of us – the global YFU community – through a public voting procedure.

To participate, please send us lyrics and a recording that match the following criteria:

  1. The song should promote YFU values (e.g. understanding, mutual respect, learning, volunteering, diversity,…)
  2. The song should be simple, catchy and easy to sing
  3. The song should have a chorus and verses
  4. English as language is preferred, but not a necessity (eventually we will aim to translate the song into multiple languages)

You can send a song that is either:

  1. An original song, written by you 
  2. A cover of one of the copyright-free songs listed below. Please send us a file with the name of the song you’ve chosen and your lyrics.
  3. A cover of a different song that is not protected by copyright (please send us the title and the author and date of creation so we can check it with)

Before sending songs to the public vote, original song authors will be asked to give copyrights to the YFU organisation to ensure song accessibility for public use in the long term.

Suggested copyright-free songs: 
 "Show me the way to go home"
, Irving King 1925
"Viva la compagnie", English-French song

"I’m getting better every day", Mark Strong (wrote the song in 1930)

Participation deadline:
Please send us your entry by August 15th (Deadline is extended) to