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70th Anniversary celebrations in YFU France
May 07, 2021 17:13

2021 marks an important moment for YFU all over the world, and of course also for YFU in France. Celebrating the 70th anniversary of our organization is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the generosity of host families, to celebrate the willingness of young people to discover the world, to celebrate the courage of their parents to let them fly away, and to celebrate the immense work and enthusiasm of our volunteers.

For these great celebrations, YFU France started by creating a video on hosting. Two families shared their experience as host parents. This video, in French, is available with English subtitles on Youtube.

YFU France wants to express a heartfelt “THANK YOU” tot all the host families who have made these extraordinary adventures possible for the past 70 years.

In addition to which, YFU France has launched a new Project Committee. Composed of six volunteers (Mikaël, Carole, Elsa, Elodie, Emmanuel, Camille) and one employee (Pauline), this group has a mission to work on initiatives to celebrate the 70 years of YFU in France. Always with the aim of valuing and thanking all the members of our organization, the Committee has a project, notably, to help tell their beautiful stories.

by Pauline Maillard| YFU France Volunteer Coordinator

Cropped yfu france