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Jambalaya and Sauerkraut
June 03, 2021 14:00

I was a German exchange student and spent my year in the US in Louisiana in 1998/1999. For homecoming, this really cute boy asked me out and I said yes. We dated for the rest of my exchange year and when the year came to an end, I had to go back to Germany and he joined the Marine Corps. We continued dating, wrote letters, and once a month we would splurge on a long-distance phone call.

After three years of long-distance dating, I finished my school in Germany and immigrated to the US. We married shortly after I arrived and will be celebrating our 19-year wedding anniversary this year. Of course it’s been my dream to host a foreign exchange student; the time is finally right and we will be host parents this fall.

Pictures: High School Prom in 1999 vs. Marine Corps Ball 2019

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