YFU China celebrate together with YFU Global community
August 14, 2021 14:18

YFU China will involve alumni in the YFU 70th Anniversary celebrations

YFU China has always adhered to the concept of "Make the world your home" since 1998, helping youth, families, communities, schools and other partners grow into more inclusive, confident and outstanding individuals and groups. At the moment of YFU's 70th anniversary, YFU China plans to design a series of events to evoke YFU alumni’s good memories, while also showing the organisation’s charm to people who are not familiar with YFU. Read more (link)

At the moment of YFU's 70th anniversary, YFU China plans to design a series of events to evoke arouse YFU alumni’s good memories of YFU alumni s, while also showing our charm to people who don't know YFU and haven’t previously paid attention to cross-cultural exchanges.

These activities will contain the following aspects:

YFU Fun Museum (Electronics): YFU China will show YFU collections such as YFU T-shirts, YFU handbooks, YFU flags and show YFU-related moments or items such as a birthday cake with the YFU logo, a pencil case with the YFU logo, a mug with your host family’s picture and a hoodie with the signature of your classmates from your exchange school.

Contacting outstanding YFU Alumni: There will be held several character interviews to present YFU stories from recognisable corporations and influencers.

Collecting YFU stories: Testimonials will be collected on text version or video version

Setting up YFU Parents Salon: Organize offline activities to provide former outbound students’ parents with opportunities to know each other. Build a platform for them to discuss topics of common concern. Collect their feelings and suggestions about YFU. Encourage them to use their own social resources to create more promotional opportunities for YFU.

Designing the 70th Anniversary Special Edition memorabilia: Make special edition 70th anniversary memorabilia for partner schools and institutions, YFU China will design novel souvenirs as gifts or purchases for YFU alumni and host families or volunteers.

Reorganize YFU Values: Recall the constant YFU values and explore our new significance to society. Fully show these values through the above activities, so that more people can see and understand.

Make a THANK YOU video: YFU China will invite their alumni to prepare a video and share it at the end of the anniversary celebration season to express YFUers’ gratitude for the past 70 years.

Considering the pandemic, most offline activities at YFU China will be postponed to more suitable times, such as sharing sessions on educational topics, or alumni marathons. These ideas and activities are not limited to 2021, we hope that they can continue for a long time, to bring thinking and action to more people.

Author: Gao Peng, YFU China