Training for Trainers IMPACT 2.0
September 03, 2021 10:29

The in-person Training for Trainers IMPACT 2.0 is finally coming!

When? 20 - 27 November in Mollina, Spain. It is a training course which runs on 2 parallel tracks, with several joint sessions - for starting trainers and for experienced trainers. Check-out the calls - you will find much more information there!

In essence, if you're not a trainer or facilitator yet, you can apply as a participant until October 10 here is the Call for Participants: For those of you who are trainers already... you can apply either as a participant of an advanced track or as a member of the Trainers' Team!

The call for participants is above and here is the Call for Trainers:

Attention: The application deadline for trainers is September 29! Looking forward to receiving your applications!