YFU Statement on the Conflict in Ukraine
February 25, 2022 12:34

Our founder Rachel Andresen famously said:

“The work of YFU is to ensure that the lights never go out again.”

This statement has guided the work of YFU ever since, as we continue to promote peace and intercultural understanding through our exchange programs. We are deeply saddened about the conflict arising between Russia and Ukraine, and we stand in solidarity with the millions of citizens affected by these dark days.

Outlook for students on program

YFU Currently has no students on program in the Ukraine.

Despite the alarming nature of the conflict, there is no reason to believe at this time that the situation poses an immediate threat for anyone in neighboring countries, such as the Baltic countries. YFU's Global Office, in collaboration with the International Board of YFU, will continue to monitor the evolving situation very closely. Our first priority will always be student welfare.

YFU are not experts in the field of geopolitics. Nonetheless, YFU Global, like our Member Organizations, are guided first and foremost by the relevant recommendations of the Ministries of foreign affairs of our sending organizations and the recommendations they emit for their citizens regarding travel to countries, as well as interior ministries of any countries affected by the crisis.

Outlook for Students leaving on program in 2022 Q3

As with students currently on program, nothing leads us to believe at this time that programs cannot and will not be able to take place in the region. We shall continue to monitor events and take decisions on the basis of official recommendations from relevant governmental authorities, including particularly in those of the sending countries, in collaboration between the Global Office and the Member Organizations. Again, our first priority will always be student welfare.

Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine and of Russia today.


Secretary General
YFU Global Office