Report on the 2022 Youth Empowerment Seminar is out
August 10, 2022 15:11

The Youth Empowerment Seminar (YES) is the biggest annual YFU event. This volunteer-run seminar gathers exchange students from Europe and beyond for their final week of exchange to prepare them for returning back home and to share an educational and inspirational week together, through workshop sessions linked to an annually selected theme, this year it being "Claim Your Digital Space".

We are happy to announce that the YES 2022 report is out! Here you will find key figures, activities and news from this year’s event. The report gives insight to the educational content such as the track sessions and plenaries, reflects on the volunteer and participant feedback, and sheds light on those who make the YES happen.

After the long wait and two years of online YES, the enthusiastic group of volunteers and students were finally able to bring the event back to its origins at Werbellinsee, Germany. Hopefully this feeling of reunion, excitement and community is also prevalent in the report - writing it was a pure pleasure, knowing that there were so many priceless topics to write about and thoughts to share!

Thank you to all the amazing volunteers who joined forces for this year’s seminar to be as spectacular as it was! Also a huge thank you to our external partners for funding and collaboration – without such support we would not be able to provide this educational, epic and enriching experience to our students.

You can find & download the report here.

Happy reading!