Reflecting on 2022 in YFU

Reflections on the past year in the YFU Community

2022 has been an intense year for all of us. The world is facing new challenges while still recovering from previous ones. At the same time, YFU students have slowly started to get back to normal with their exchange programs and physical participation to different events of the exchange year has become possible again. 

What have been the highlights of this year for your local YFU community, or what new experiences have you had in YFU this year? What has 2022 brought to your organization?

Send us your pictures, videos and stories to share with the rest of the YFU community! Let's take a look at this past year together. 

You can send your content per email to with the subject "2022 reflection", or request an interview with us. we are happy to help you to form your experiences into a story!

Want to share your reflections?

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