YFU Programs starting September 2020

A message from the YFU Global Network

YFU Global took the difficult decision to terminate all ongoing programs in the world on the 16th of March and to repatriate students to their home countries. The effort on the part of our National Organizations to secure the wellbeing of students and return them to their natural families was massive and unprecedented for YFU. YFU acknowledges the amazing efforts of our staff, volunteers and host families all round the world during this phase, in the most difficult an uncertain of circumstances, to look after our students. A heartfelt and sincere thank you!

Looking towards a new generation of Exchange Students

YFU Global has continued to monitor the evolution of sanitary and societal conditions around the world, in all countries where YFU is present. Whilst a lot remains uncertain, YFU is today affirming its belief that we shall be able to operate our upcoming exchange programs in many countries and are therefore planning actively for our students to spend a life-changing period abroad with us. It is however likely that the program this year may be different from a typical year, as countries continue to grapple with the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now more than ever, transparency and student support at the heart of YFU’s programs

At YFU, in all our organizations around the world, our commitment is always to providing the best possible quality of support for students and host families during our programs and to ensure transparent and honest communication with our stakeholders. We continue to monitor restrictions around the world to assess where programs are possible.

YFU will only send students on program when we are satisfied that the safety and quality of the experience can be secured by our organization locally. In some cases, this year, that may mean pushing back starting dates or encouraging students to choose a different destination if we cannot provide them with a program in their country of choice. Our National Organizations are committed to communicating in a timely and transparent manner to all students and parents as the feasibility of maintaining our programs in some countries becomes clearer and to work with them to find the best solution for each individual.

Breaking down cultural barriers and connecting people

An exchange program is much more than a linguistic or academic experience for our students and host families. It is about learning to understand and navigate the increasingly interconnected world around us. Exchange programs participate, concretely, in allowing people to live together sustainably, to work with and learn from each other, across borders and regardless of nationalities. In a time of global uncertainty, when borders around the world are closing and sentiments of nationalism and mistrust are springing up in a way we haven’t seen in decades, youth exchange and the development of Global Citizens has never been more important.

Don’t give up on your project; make the world your home. #weareYFU


Secretary General YFU Global Office