Thank You Cards

Show your appreciation and say a heartfelt “Thank you” to your friends, host families, teachers, volunteers, or anyone who helped make your YFU experience a memorable one! With the YFU 70th anniversary e-cards it’s even easier to send your thanks to those people that matter - via Facebook, e-mail, or other ways.

Do you have those long lost friends, mates, host parents, sisters, brothers, or other people from your YFU experience that you would like to reconnect with, but you never quite had a reason to reach out? We encourage you to use the Thank You cards to restart this conversation - it’s never too late to do that, so why not do it now? It will most definitely bring a smile to someone’s face :)

You can find out more about YFU and the 70th Anniversary campaigns HERE.

Send Thank you cards and reconnect!

How does it work?

Click on the card you want to send. You can send a personalized message by adding text to the box. You will have different options to send the card:

Via mail- by adding first your, and the recipient’s email addresses
Via Facebook timeline- you can post on your or a friend’s timeline, or into a group
Via Facebook messenger - For this, please select “Share Link”, copy the link and paste directly into messenger.
- you can use the “Share Link” and send it via any other program, or you can download the .jpg files of the cards and share how you want