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Dear YFU Family! In honor of our 70th anniversary, we are creating a Virtual Storybook with YFU 70 stories from all over the world –and we would like to feature your story! Now, more than ever, it is important for us to remember how important love, mutual respect, understanding, and acceptance of different cultures around the world is. Please share your stories with us!

We are looking for memorable stories about your exchange experience or other experiences you might have had with YFU. This includes anything you would like to share regarding your experience, as long as it is positive and appropriate. Since we are hoping to receive many memories and stories, please keep them as brief as possible – we want to be able to collect and share as many stories as possible! Perhaps a story about how you met your life-long best friend, or how you fell off the bus after school in front of all of your classmates, or a word mix-up in a new language where you told someone you were a lamp instead of telling them you were late. We are sure you have amazing YFU stories to share and we’d love to hear them!

During the celebration, from May to October, you can submit as many stories as you want. Not all submitted stories will be displayed on YFU's website in the end, but we will definitely enjoy reading them and writing them will surely be a nice walk down memory lane!

The YFU 70th Anniversary Celebration Team will carefully review all stories that we receive, and if it’s a good story there’s a high likelihood for it to be selected for the final Virtual Storybook that will come out at the end of the year.

Examples of themes to write about:

  • Awkward moments (funny exchange experiences, awkward incidents, embarrassing moments)
  • Home sweet home (stories about family life during exchange or from natural parents)
  • Stories about friendships and romances
  • Culture Shock and fascinating cultural differences
  • How the exchange year impacted my life

Please submit your stories by September 30, 2021!

 YFU Storybook Submission Form

We look forward to receiving all of your stories and reading about the amazing memories made possible through YFU.
Thank you for your participation!