Host families open their homes and hearts to students form all over the world. They are the ones who make a student feel at home even if they are thousands of miles away from their home country. While they get to introduce the students to the local culture, they also live and learn about the student's culture - an exchange in its purest form!

In a celebration of YFU host families, we want to share these stories with the whole YFU community and show what YFU is all about! In this campaign we want to hear from host families, students and volunteers about their experiences in living together, and share the unique - and even the unusual - stories of the amazing YFU host families!

One of the main aims of this campaign is to showcase the impact hosting has - both for the family and the student, as well as on the broader and more long-term scale.

Short-term host families, single parents, grandparents, full-year host families, first-timers, experienced and less experienced ones .. everyone is encouraged to share their story and experience in hosting or living in a host family!

Questions for host families: Why did you decide to host? What makes your host family special? What are you always excited to share with your host student? What have been the highlights - and the most difficult moments - of hosting? Do you consider yourself an "unusual" host-family, do you want to share more about that and raise awareness of the diverse definition of a host family? Let us hear your htoughts!

Questions for students/alumni/volunteers: Was your host family very different to your natural family? What did you learn through living a year in this family? What was the most unique or surprising thing about your host family? What is an incident you will always remember?

We look forward to hearing your stories.

You can send us our content (text, images, videos..) to yfu.media@gmail.com or we can schedule an interview together! Just send us an email and we will be happy to contact you back with further suggestions on how to put your story together!

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Want to share your host family experience?

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